NIce To Meet You!

Me doing my thang!
Photo credit: Jack Gilchrist Photography

Originally from Germany, I came to Australia on a working holiday in 2005. I travelled, worked, made friends, met the love of my life, got married and basically never left.

Now I am a hybrid Aussie – I chuck ueys, love Vegemite, share my backyard with red-back spiders and miss the cold winters, pine trees, and white Christmases of Germany.

Photography has always been a passion of mine but it wasn’t until 2015 that I started to pursue it as a career. Surviving a battle with cancer and getting a second chance in life finally gave me the courage to leave my 9-5pm office job behind and follow my dreams.

I have never looked back since.

“I’m a creative that believes
that when there is love, there is beauty.”

I’m located at the Central Coast. No, not the one in the US; the one in Australia – just an hour North of Sydney.

On my rare weekends off, I love spending time with my little tribe (my husband, daughter and family dog). We enjoy going for long walks on the beach and just taking the day as it comes. It’s the everyday little things, like a coffee by the beach or a board game at home on a rainy day that I treasure most. Of course, being from Europe I also love travelling very much. But in between a hectic working week and the anticipation of my next overseas trip I just love being ‘normal’ and at home. It recharges my batteries and restores my enthusiasm that I will turn up with on your wedding day.

The part I enjoy most in my work as photographer is documenting people’s connection and their love for each other. I feel extremely privileged to have a job that lets me get to know different people each day and learn about their individual love stories. My heart jumps for joy when I see couples bursting with love for each other. Trying to capture this energy and letting it shine through in a photograph is what I aim for every single time. Capturing a true, genuine smile, real emotions and vulnerability is what I believe pushes a photograph from ordinary to extraordinary.

So forget about cheesy grins and endless poses. I am all about keeping it real – real laughs, real tears and honest connections!

And while I will spend the majority of your big day as a fly on the wall, catching the moments as they unfold, I will also ask you to set some time aside during the day to go off and venture. Creating beautiful portraits of just the two of you on your wedding day is something I am truly passionate about.

The magic really happens when you are adventurous and are open to chasing the perfect light through the fields at sunset by climbing fences, running across paddocks or jumping over puddles.

If that sounds like you, I think that makes us the perfect match!

Get in touch and let’s create something beautiful together.


Family walk at our home beach at the Central Coast.
Photo credit: Tim Coulson Photography